Thursday, 3 October 2013


Good Morning before I get on with my antics for National Poetry Day I wanted to set a wee moment aside to just explain how important @immortaljaye is to the words that you read here.

Jaye is my Manager. I mean that in the broadest sense.

If you are a writer of any kind I can tell you this - you will look forever to find somebody who can manage your work like Jaye. Writers  tend to have cotton wool heads filled with broken glass shards of insight. They aint too good at organisation.

Jaye is

She does the pictures in my books
She makes the covers
She designs websites
She proofreads
She tells you when you are writing nonsense
She advises on how to handle any eventuality
She makes suggestions that are ALWAYS correct
She makes you feel positive about your work

yeah - so what ??

She GETS the writing. She is intelligent , witty , poetic and quite simple one of the sharpest intellects I have ever met.

I'm writing this because many of you are kind about my writing. Many of you are very kind and you sometimes pay good money to read my thoughts - I would not feel comfortable with that without the work that Jaye puts in supporting and encouraging and making a two bit hack into a half decent writer.

Seriously - if you need web work or design or proofreading or just an idea this girl is an absolute fucking genius. This isn't an advert for her - you would be lucky if she had the time to work for you - but what it is is a means of saying that if you like anything I do it's probably because of the work that JR puts into it.

I was lucky to have found her. Follow her - she's provocative , funny and bright.
If you need help with ANYTHING creative I promise you this SHE WILL MAKE YOUR WORK TEN TIMES BETTER.

She's amazeballs - don't tell her I told you though.


  1. You're right. Jaye has done wonderful things with your books. I am so glad you found her. They are as delicious to look at as they are to read. I have two books with wonderful stories and they are in dire need of a good pair of eyes. I'm getting braver all the time. She has sold me with her extreme talent!

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  3. Jaye is brilliant, amazingly talented, and a wonderful person to boot! It will be my absolute privilege to work with her in the near future :-)

  4. I loved the promo I received of DarkSnow. And since then I wish to own one in Hard print. Though whenever that may happen till then I'll cherish all her art in your sensual verse.

    And the first book I'll ever write - I'll go to her :)


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